Nothing Like It    

There never has been a business like the car business.  Never a business that changed the face of the

nation  in almost the blink of an eye.  Never a

business that revolutionized how things are made,

or sold, or advertised.  Never such a collection of  colorful characters - Durant, Ford, Chrysler, the

Dodge brothers - a list that includes Henry B Joy,

Alvan Macauley, Alvan Fuller, Earle C Anthony, and others who guided the destiny of the Packard Motor Car Company.   Packard exerted far more influence in the industry than its production totals would suggest.   Conservative in many ways, it was also a relentless innovator in engineering, customer relations,  advertising, and marketing.  Fifty-eight years of Packard advertising offer a window into how a powerful brand was built- and insight into management decisions that promoted the growth, survival, and eventual demise of one of the most respected names

in all of automotive history.